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Welcome to our store.  We’re glad that you have come to take a look at our clothing, accoutrements, accessories and gift items.  We make almost everything we sell right here in the mountain west.  That means when you shop with us you are keeping America working.  It means that you will be enjoying the quality of workmanship that American workers have been proud of for generations.

While we offer a selection of clothing that is sewn and ready to ship, you can also order custom made clothing.  Custom orders allow you to select fabric, buttons and trim and allows for great fits for folks who need the sleeves just a little longer or shorter or who need a bigger collar size than shirt size.  If you are taller or shorter we can adjust the shirt tail length and if you need a little more tummy room we can take care of that too.

We can create that one of a kind, special garment or outfit that nobody else has or will ever have.  We have a great selection of fabrics and we are really good at designing and making new garments to intermix with  your existing wardrobe to add flexibility at savings.

Weddings are a place where we can really “strut our stuff” and create dresses and gowns, shirts and vests that are very true to the times or just have that “flavor” of some part of the 1800′s to make your day special.  We can do one outfit or everyones’ and we are happy to help guests choose clothing for your theme wedding so everyone can have the best time and the photos records reflect your dream day.

So browse through our site and feel free to phone or email with any questions or to place an order in person.  We now offer PAYPAL EXPRESS, which means we can take cards from foreign countries and you can order quickly if you have a PayPal Account.  We look forward to serving you!

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