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A-15 Breechcloth

A-15 Breechcloth
A-15 Breechcloth

Product Description

Our standard breechclout at $192 is without beading. Optional beading that includes a beaded strip and a rosette is available upon request. Please call us at 406-960-4317 or email to discuss tribe or design and colors of beading. Shown in the photo gallery is an APACHE design copied from the book "The People Called Apache" by Thomas E. Malls. The strip design comes from a boot on page 137 and the rosette design comes from a shirt on page 187. We can be very specific upon request or use one of our beading patterns called Wolf Ears or Mountains, which are typical of plains Indian tribes. Beading in Apache, Wolf Ears, or Mountains raises the price. Other designs may be more. Please request quote if you prefer something else.

Beaded Breachclout