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A-16 Kiowa Buckskin Dress

A-16 Kiowa Buckskin Dress
A-16 Kiowa Buckskin Dress

Product Description

A-16 KIOWA DRESS Please note the color photos of this dress are of a White German Tanned Hide dress. You have to ask for a quote on one like this as white german tanned hide prices vary. The dress priced on this page is of natural light tan/creme colored commercial tanned hides. The style and details will be the same regardless of the hides used, however. This dress is a slip over style, is fringed through out. It has buckskin dangles with trade beads. Buckskin garments are sewn rough side out and are smoke color unless smooth side. Hides are commercially tanned. German tanned (similar to brain tan) is available at a higher price as are white hides. Ask for quote. Ask for quote on larger size or for help measuring and to give measurements to us email or 406-961-4317

Neck Measurement
Chest Measurement
Waist Measurement
Hip Measurement
Sleeve Length (from armpit to wristbone with arm extended like airplane wing)
Finished Length Back of Neck to Back Bottom of Hem
Rough (suede) or Smooth (membrane) Side Out