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Red Fox Hat

Red Fox Hat
Red Fox Hat

Product Description

This beautiful red fox full body hat is fully lined in deer hide. Since winter pelts vary a lot in color and heaviness of fur and are becoming harder and harder to get, we have adopted a pricing schedule that allows you to select from 3 different ranges of pelt. All our pelts are very well tanned and would make you proud to wear, but just like anything else, there are some that have better color and density and a very few that are just exceptional. Pick the one that suits your needs and budget. The one shown features the legs and feet on. Can also be ordered without feet per the pulldown menu, again pricing reflects the difficulty in getting pelts with feet and claws and faces intact as the fur industry does not want this and it takes our trappers a lot more time and work to provide feet and face pelts to us. Select your head measurement. Order with or without the leather visor.

Fox Pelt Option
With Feet As Shown or WITHOUT FEET
With or Without Leather Bill