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Blanket Shirt

Blanket Shirt
Blanket Shirt

Product Description

Out blanket shirts are made from wool grey with black stripe blankets made by Woolrich Co. as they have always been. The basic shirt has a center slit front opening and double wool pointed collar. The collar can be folded up and overlapped to keep your neck warm. Side seams have open slits at the bottom for comfort. The sleeves are fairly wide cut and straight cut to allow for garments underneath and to roll or push up if you get too warm. Use the pull-down menus to add one or two black 1-1 1/8 inch buffalo horn buttons at the neck or to add slit side seams at the bottom of the sleeves and a single button on each. Buttons are sewn with leather backing to prevent pulling through. Closure of buttons is a well attached buckskin strip that you wrap around the button to secure. Easy to wrap and unwrap even with cold hands and allows adjust-ability. Contact us if you have special requests and we will see if we can accommodate you and give price quote if there is a change in cost for it.

Buffalo Horn Buttons
Buffalo Horn Cuff Buttons with V open Sleeve Bottom