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Cherokee Man's Ribbon Shirt

Cherokee Man's Ribbon Shirt
Cherokee Man's Ribbon Shirt

Product Description

This classics style Cherokee Mans Ribbon Shirt was developed from the basic Anglo Dress shirt with the addition of decorations and slight modification of it's construction. From it's origins east of the Mississippi River it spread westward with the Cherokee migration to Oklahoma, where it remains a favorite at the traditional gatherings and powwows held there and around the rest of the country. As there are very few very early original Cherokee Ribbon Shirts in existence, this pattern was developed from research of old descriptions, photographs, paintings and museum examples. The blousy fit and large sleeves allow complete freedom of movement, making it a very practical and a comfortable garment for wear with street clothes or with a dance outfit. Early era shirts were made from calico (any small print fabric) and other fabrics offered by the Indian Traders and General Stores of the period and location.Other period fabrics were silk, and linen. Nowadays, this shirt is commonly fashioned as well from mid to heavy weight cottons, stripes, solids and even brocades. If you have a request other than the pull-down menu offerings contact us for a special quote.