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Cowboys Tools of the Trade!



We offer excellent contoured flasks to wear in that vest or shirt flask pocket. Ours are stainless steel and feature a screw on cap that is attached for your convenience. Flask measures 3 1/2 inches high, 3 3/4 inches wide, and a about 7/8″ deep. It holds 4 ounces.

(Supply is Limited) $10 each










The most universal piece of every cowboy or cowgirl’s wardrobe. They keep your neck warm, they keep your upper chest warm, they block the sun, they protect eyes and face from blowing dust. They can bind a wound, sling an injured arm, tie things together, wipe sweat from your brow and a whole lot more. Wild Rags are a great colorful addition to your outfit as well. Can’t have too many WILD RAGS!

Ours are 36″ by 36″ unless you request smaller or larger. Our cotton ones are $16 or 3 for $45. We have many on hand and ready to ship, but we will gladly make wild rags up for you from your choice of our cotton fabrics on request. We are always glad to talk to you about any of our merchandise.

Our Favorite Wild Rag Knot

1.  Fold your Wild Rag in half on the diagonal.

2. Begin rolling or folding it up from the pointed end keeping the size of the roll pretty small.

 3. Then put the rolled/folded wild rag around your neck and then tug pretty hard on the ends to give it a stretch and set the roll. The ends should meet and line up.

4. Then follow the directions below. These pictures are drawn from the position of FACING YOU. Some folks have an easier time turning the directions upside down to gain the perspective they need to follow them.




















Men wore sleeve garters primarily because the “ready made” shirts were just one sleeve length…LONG.. and were too long for most men’s arms. If they were tending bar or dealing farrow they kept the sleeves out of the way.

These sleeve garters are made right in our own shop out of the same quality fabrics that we make our shirts and other clothing from.

We use quality elastic inside and construction is done by both machine and by hand. The cotton ones are washable and will last for years and one size fits most everyone.

The satin ones are hand washable in cold water and line dry. (if you have special size concerns contact us for custom made ones) Check out our large assortment of colors.





We make 2 kinds of Cravats to complete a gentleman’s outfit. For those who want the ease of a Pre-Tied Cravat, we offer a nice selection below. For the authentically correct wearer who doesn’t mind tying his own cravat, we offer Traditional Cravats. If you don’t see the fabric you like in our ready made groups, then order a custom made one from our selection of fabrics.

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