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Sizing & Measuring

Size & Measuring for Clothing

What size do you need?

How does one take measurements properly?

Those are the questions everyone is concerned about when they are shopping online. They are of special concern when you are ordering something custom made. You want a good fit and we want to make and sell garments that FIT! So let’s work together to make that happen.

Use the guides below in order to obtain the correct size and provide us with the correctly taken measurements, BUT FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US FOR HELP. We are glad to assist you by Email by phone 406-961-4317

Since we are working with patterns that were created as far back as the 1800′s you can imagine there is no real standard of sizing built in. We have to use MEASUREMENTS and apply them to each garment to be sure that you have the correct fit.

It is hard to get that all down and pat on this page for every garment, but we will do our best.

Scroll down the page until you find the category that applies to your situation. Always feel free to contact us for help at any time.

Measuring for Footwear


All of our moccasins are custom made for each person. That means we need an exact tracing of BOTH of your feet to make them. You will need a helper for this one since it is imperative that you stand upright and relaxed with feet slightly apart and weight on BOTH feet. Send those tracings to us at: 278 Christofferson Lane, Corvallis, MT. 59828

1. You will need to stand on 2 pieces of paper on a hard floor. If you plan to be barefooted in the mocs or if you plan to be in some kind of socks when you wear them, then that is how you need to be when you do the traces.

2. Have your helper hold a pen or marker at a 90 degree angle to the floor. That must be straight up and down and must stay that way or you will be getting a larger trace or smaller than you ACTUAL foot.

3. Have the helper trace around each foot including the toes and mark the tracings left and right.

4. If you are doing SHORT mocs of any kind this is enough.

FOR TALL MOCS you must take 2 more measurements.

1.Measure from the round ankle bone to the crux of the back of your slightly bent knee. This tell us how tall to make the shaft.

2.Then measure around your calves at the biggest point. They may not be the same so measure both and give us both.

When you have the measurements for the tall mocs please record these measurements on the paper with the correct foot tracing and send them to us at: Wyoming Classics/Bridge Over Time, 278 Christofferson Lane, Corvallis, MT. 59828

If you need help just Email us or phone and we will guide you through. or 406-961-4317

Sizing for Fugawee Shoes and Boots

Fugawee makes the best faithfully reproduced footwear we have ever seen. We are proud to be dealers for this great company.  We stock a good run of sizes in the styles for the late 1700′s and 1800′s

for both men and women.  The best way to determine your size in their shoes is to start with the size you normally wear in regular modern footwear.  Due to the nuances and variations we know that certain Fugawee

styles run true to this, but others require that you buy a larger or smaller size than you normally wear.  Let us talk with you about your Fugawee purchase before you run the sale through so that we can do our best to get you a good fit from the start.

Mens & Boys Shirts, Jackets & Coats

1.Measure the chest being careful not to have the tape to tight or loose.

2.Then measure around waist. If you are not sure of where the natural waist is you can tie a string around the persons waist area and let them move around a little. It will settle on their waist.

3.Measure hips at the biggest point. (usually about 9″ below the natural waist on most folks)
4.Measure across the shoulders in the back where a shirt yoke would be. Measure from sleeve cap to sleeve cap across the back. This is easiest done by doing it with the person wearing a shirt with set in sleeves that fits well.
5.Measure sleeves 2 ways. First have the person stand with outstretched arms as if they are airplane wings. Then measure from the armpit to the wrist bone. Do both sides. Next measure from the center of the back, over the bent elbow to the wrist bone. This measurement should correspond to the sleeve length they buy in a dress shirt. (ie: 16-34 with the 16 being the neck size and the 34 being the sleeve size. )
6.Then measure the neck. First we need the actual neck measurement and then we need to have you measure holding the tape around their neck as loose as need be for them to have comfort room they desire. That will tell us how much fit room to make in the collar as some folks like them snug and others up to 3 fingers need to fit next to their neck with the collar buttoned.

Collar Size Information

Measure around your neck and choose the appropriate Collar Size to fit you. It may not be the same size as the shirt body size, but we are glad to make a custom fit for you this way.

These are FINISHED MEASUREMENTS of the finished collar band with the button closed. Your neck measurement is usually about 3 inches smaller than this finished measurement to allow for a comfortable fit.

XS- 15 1/2″

S – 16 1/2″

M – 18″

L – 19″

XL – 20″

XXL – 21 1/4″

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