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 Over the years we have recreated many wardrobe items based on characters in both TV series and western movie costumes. If you are a “B Western” or “Spaghetti Western” enthusiast or want to have a garment worn in a western or Victorian movie we would be glad to talk to you about it and re-create that garment for you. Sadly, we have not kept good photos of our work in this area so we are starting a photo collection anew. We will add any previous photos we locate and if you have purchased a garment like this from us in the past and can supply us with some pictures of it we will give you a “Reward”.

Daniel Boone T.V. Series with Fess Parker

Here is our rendition of the buckskin coat that Fess Parker wore staring as Daniel Boone in the T.V. series of our childhood.








Outlaw Josey Wales Shirt

We have copied this shirt as faithfully as possible after doing a lot of sketching based on freeze frames and a large collection of photos.  It is apparent that there were several, as there always are made for any movies and tv shows.  Stunt men need some and they have some aged, stained or otherwise altered for different scenes. Sometimes these shirts are not faithful copies of each other and you have probably seen movies where a shirt pocket is on one side in one scene and on the other side in the next scene.  Most folks never notice this, but I point it out as you may surely find photos that are slightly different.

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