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Weddings & Special Occasions

We would love to help you create the wedding of your dreams.  We can create dresses, vests and shirts that are period correct or ones that have the “flavor” of the times but not the exact details.

Whether your perfect day means outfits for the Bride and Groom or if you have a huge wedding with many attendants, we are happy to work with you.

We have done many Native American and related themed weddings as well as Mountain Man Era Weddings.

We can do complete outfits or individual parts.  The largest weddings we ever did had 14 in the wedding party and one had 14 groomsmen, fathers and others.  We have done just the shirts, just the vests, and both.

The best way to start is to sit down and list the outfits you will need, regardless of where they come from.

Once you have done that we talk, send ideas back and forth and come up with a plan.  Then we give you sketches and drawings and describe the details of the items.  Once we know the design and the materials to be used we can give you a price quote. We will need the measurements of the persons involved so that we can make that quote.

Once we agree on the details and the price we will furnish you with a detailed invoice.  After that we get payment and do the work. It is that simple.

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