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Hello world!

This site is dedicated to the men, women and children who lived from 1800 to 1899.  It is dedicated to their struggles and accomplishments and the way they lived.  We reproduce the clothing of the day in the most faithful way possible but we also make clothing that reflects the time frame. We say this clothing has the “flavor” of the genre. This blog is a place to share ideas and discuss the clothing and accessories of days gone by in America.  It is a place where we can share the clothing we have made for our clients as well as the things our clients and friends have made themselves. We want this blog to be a celebration of how life was lived in the 1800′s that we can all enjoy and learn from.

June 20th and 21st head to Stevensville, Montana for Western Heritage Days. Loren and I will be in the parade with our Single Action Shooting, S.A.S.S. Club, Bitterroot Buckaroos, all decked out in our 1800′s western clothing complete. For more information click on this site and it also has links to follow:

Look for Bridge Over Time & Wyoming Classics at BANNACK DAYS the 3rd weekend in July. For more information click here:

The first weekend in August head to the OI’ Wild West Fest, at Ft. Missoula, in Missoula, MT. We will have our big tent set up selling all our wares. I will be putting together and MCing a Fashion Show on Saturday. Click here for more information and be sure not to miss the Grand Ball on Saturday night in the GIANT TENT at the center of the grounds.

SO get out and enjoy some great Old West experiences this summer and we hope to see you at one or all of them.

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