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Cowboy Action Shooting

What a blast…literally! If you are caught up in The Spirit of the Game like anyone who has an “alias” and dresses up in the clothing of the old west and shoots the guns of the day at all kinds of targets.. then you have come to the right spot. If you love the look and feel of gun leather and the way it smells and the clinking on the targets and the smell of powder in the air.. then you have come to the right place. If your hero’s have always been cowboys .. then you have come to the right place.
Many of us “rode the hassocks” (our horses) in our childhood front rooms as The Lone Ranger, Marshall Dillon, Cisco Kid, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, and so many others galloped across the screen and chased the bad guys. There was lots of “gun play” but nary a drop of blood on the screen in those times. The good guys always won and the bad guys were always on the loosin’ end of the stick. Some of us were lucky enough to have our own gun rigs and the really lucky ones had caps to make them pop. A few of us had rifles like our heroes as well. I never had a cowboy hat, but that didn’t stop me from turning grandpas Sunday hat into one in my imagination.
Well, we all grew up… well maybe… and then many of us discovered we could REALLY GROW UP AND BE COWBOYS… and lawdogs, and outlaws, and gamblers, and any other character that fit in the times. So, now we get together and “return to the days of yesteryear” and enjoy dressing up and turning back the clock and ourselves. Whether we have chosen to be a character based on history, movies, television or B westerns we can create an alter ego, another persona, and have BIG FUN.
IF you are new to cowboy action shooting, you need to know how safe it is. There is NO HORSE PLAY…and no carelessness… and it is always SAFETY FIRST.
So, it is my hope that those of us who are already slinging lead in this great sport will be able to talk about it and include those who are just investigating the sport.. In the Spirit of the Game lets have conversation to share and air thoughts and ideas and help to the new folks as well. So, in that spirit, I ask that the conversation be kept respectful and such that you would not be embarrassed if God or your grandma was listening. No question is a stupid one if you don’t know the answer and if you know the answer…jump right in and holler it out.
Well, I guess that should get us started so… Let her rip!
I’ll start by introducing myself. My alias is Amazin’ Grace Spencer. The name comes from a real person who was born in the 1880’s. She was the wife of the first doctor in Greybull, Wyoming. Grace built the beautiful store building that used to be the home of Wyoming Classics. She built it after her husband passed away and ran it for several years as a Drug Store and General Sundries. She went back to being a school teacher and taught in the Greybull Schools for many years. Since I was doing business at the time I started Cowboy Action Shooting, she seemed like a natural choice for an alias.
My husband, and partner in business is Taylor Made. Loren plays Taylor and Martin guitars and his clothing is Taylor Made by me.
So, introduce yourself and join our blog!

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