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That is a good introduction I think.I am new to blogging, but not to good conversation and discussion.
At rendezvous I am called Wild Flower, so let me introduce myself.I suppose I am old enough to have something to say and young enough to have the enthusiasm to say it.
That said, there is so much to talk about in the realm of the mountain man, trapper, trader, voyageur and the way they lived. They were a hardy breed of men and women and without them our great nation would never gotten the start west that it did. Besides their lives, I am so taken with the clothing they wore and how they made it.Reproducing these clothing and accessories is both a challenge and a great pleasure. I love to share what I know when I teach at a living history event and always love the chance to learn something new about these folks and their ways and times.
Dutch oven cooking is another of my pleasures and something we can share thoughts on, recipes and techniques.
So, let’s use this place to learn and teach each other and to celebrate those men and women who discovered the west, trapped, traded and explored the mountains, rivers and plains.
They had and still have a lot to teach us.
So, “throw in with me” and get this conversation started.

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